Jeremy Mitchell is a personal consultant and broker specialising in the sale and purchase of Luxury & Supercars.

“Often, when clients are looking to maximise the sale price on their current car they will spend their time calling a few dealers and accept the highest offer from a small section of the market.

Why do that when they can make one phone call to a broker who has a wealth of experience and established relationships within the industry. Providing access to literally thousands of dealers & private clients with the skill to negotiate the highest price in the market at any given time?”

For a growing number of clients, a lack of time for buying cars has surged an interest in hiring an experienced broker to do it for them.

The aim is simple; to save you a considerable amount of money and effort by sourcing vehicles for you, whilst maximising the greatest return on your current vehicle. This is achieved through an exceptionally close understanding of the client's needs and providing a discretion assured service.

Jeremy's previous experience within the industry include Lamborghini Manchester sales, H.R. Owen Group buyer and U.K appointed representative for Bugatti. This has enabled him to grow a long established network of clients and trade contacts, providing a great resource for sourcing and selling vehicles. Whilst also being based in Knightsbridge, London provides him the opportunity to be ideally located in one of the most active hotspots not just in the UK but worldwide for luxury & supercars.

"Whether you are looking for the hard to find or need to secure a buyer off-market, feel free to give me a call"

Jeremy can advise and assist on everything car connected including car preparation (i.e. wheel refurbishment & paintwork) export, storage, photography, vehicle wrapping and detailing.